About Compliance Social Network


Compliance Social Network started in 2020 as an idea to bring all compliance officers in one place away from public career networks and social platforms to a more closed niche community. The network was live to public in April, 2021.

Currently we offer social networking and media services like social timeline and news feeds, sharing for photos and media, social groups and communities, pages, social profiles for members, private messaging and group chats, live streaming services, social events, social articles and blogs, forums and discussion boards and job posting system. We are working hard to add more features like online training, cources, to work as a complete LMS.

We also provide Pro membership for both personal accounts and for business, these Pro plans comes with extra features to control account privacy, member can get a verified badge and Pro Member badge, appear in pro members list, as weill as post and page promotion credit to get more attention to the products and service they offer.



Connecting compliance professionals around the world.



A world of common compliance, our vission is clearly simple and short, we need the world to have common compliance and regulatory rules and standards.

This need a lot of hard work to bring compliance officers and professionals atound the globe in one table to have a shared view of what to be done in a world full of regulatory challenges.

We are developing our application with many communication tools and facilities to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and subject matter expertise to get a common understanding of the challenges and common rules and standards of how to deal with such challenges.